What we do

Osteopaths aim to help your body repair itself naturally without drugs or surgery. Instead of treating symptoms (for example, pain or stiffness), we try to find and treat the causes of those symptoms. Then, with techniques including massage, articulation and manipulation:

  • We treat the affected area
  • We get it working normally again
  • We treat other parts of the body that may contribute to the problem
  • And we give you tips and exercises to prevent the problem coming back
  • We may, with your permission, wish to discuss your problem with your doctor

What happens when you arrive?

Our first consultation with you is the most important. For this reason we have prepared information to let you know what to expect. You can read more about your first appointment.

Speak to Mandy or Anne on 01228 524701 between 8:30am and 5:30pm to make your first appointment - we'll see you as soon as we can.

Our fees

First consultation (up to one hour):   £58.00

Follow-up appointments, if needed (up to half an hour):   £45.00

Health Insurance

Many private health insurances now cover osteopathic treatment. Insurance schemes vary widely in what they cover. Some will only pay when your doctor or a consultant has referred you, so it is worth checking your policy. When you choose a new policy, ask if it covers osteopathic treatment.

Please let us know if private heath insurance will be covering the cost of your treatment so that we can discuss any particular requirements of that company.

If we haven't mentioned it

Our list of treatments is not a definitive list of everything we treat, only some of the most common ailments.

If you are in pain we strongly recommend that you ring 01228 524701 and speak to one of our receptionists.

If we think you need treatment at Warwick Square Osteopaths we will arrange an appointment for you as soon as we can.