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What is Mindfulness? 

A type of training that helps people to live in the present moment, not lost in the past or future. 


What does it help? 

There’s a lot of solid scientific research that shows mindfulness helps with combating:



Anxiety disorders



along with many other common problems. 

It also helps to cultivate more creativity, compassion and develop better relationships with those around you.


What’s on?

Drop in dates £8 per session, first one free

Online Zoom sessions

Workshop dates 

MBLC course dates


How do we train? 


We use breathing techniques to settle the mind and then bring more awareness to our senses which help to keep our mind anchored in the present. 


What’s the best way to train? 


In small friendly groups with an experienced teacher.


Comments from people who have been to previous sessions.


If you would like to know more please feel free to email me and maybe come along to a drop in at Warwick Square Osteopaths or join an online Zoom session. 

Anyone’s first session is free. 



Website links:


The Mindfulness Association


Register of Mindfulness Teachers


Headspace app


Insight timer


Mindfulness association logo. 

Bamba logo.

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