Rachel was a twenty-five year old office worker who spent most of her day in front of a computer screen. She had been suffering headaches on and off over the past year. On the advice of her GP she had been to have her eyes tested, the optician reported nothing wrong but to her surprise suggested that she visit an osteopath because the problem might have something to do with her neck.

When she was asked to move her head and neck it was clear that her range of movement was very limited and that the pain over her right eye was made worse when she turned her head to the right or looked up to the ceiling. Doing this also made her feel a bit nauseous.

The osteopath discovered that the problem was a restriction at the very top of her neck. Three sessions of treatment to this area greatly reduced the headaches that she was experiencing, enabled her to move her neck better and, in Rachel's words "made my head feel lighter".